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Horizon Wires archform options

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Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Arch Wire

Stainless Steel 14 Inch Straight Length

Precisely produced from quality SS materials, high-grade archwire  flatness, perfect arch stability, optimal tensile strength.


RCS Wires

NiTi Reverse Curve Wire

Applied for correcting grievous malocclusion, provides excellent  counter forces to achieve bite modifications with minimum affliction


Ni-Ti Wires

Super Elastic NiTi Wire
Heat Activated Wire

All Nitinol wires are made from implanted NiTi materials, which meet the requirement
of ASTM F2063-2012 Standard Specification for Wrought Nickel-Titanium Shape
Memory Alloys for Medical Devices and Surgical Implants.

NiTi Wires is soft under room temperature, reacts to the heat in
patient’s mouth and exerts continous force as it returns to its original form. 
For easier wire engagement.



Our spring precisely manufactured from NiTi wire, which is super resilient and provides consistent force to open or close space.

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